The Perfect 23rd Birthday

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday – yay! I had the most magical day all thanks to the love of my life, Leonardo!

When I got off work, he had our kitchen decorated and an entire tiramisu cake sitting on the counter with candles (my all time favorite dessert)!

Then he had me open my card which had a little push pin in it. I asked him what it was for and he told me I had to figure it out. Turns out, I had to pop all the balloons that were hidden around the house. Each one had money in it – and once I found them all he told me he was taking me to a new mall we’ve never been to this Sunday to go shopping.

Then, we got ready and he told me we were leaving for dinner but told me it was a surprise. Well, we ended up at Saks Fifth Ave and he took me to the Gucci store to get the belt I wanted! So, it is safe to say I was leaving with my Gucci belt in hand like this:

Then, we went to my favorite restaurant, the Cheesecake Factory, for dinner. I told him out of it all my favorite part wasn’t that he got me the belt I wanted or is taking me shopping… it is that he took the time to blow up, stuff and hide tons of balloons. That was the cutest thing ever.

He said “I thought of it all on my own…watch, even look it up on Pinterest it won’t even be there!” haha I love him.

I could not have planned a more perfect day if I did it myself. Did I pick a keeper or what?!

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