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I’ve Made My Law School Decision!

It is with a huge amount of excitement that I write this post… because I’ve officially made my decision on where I’ll be attending law school this August!

I just got back from NYC yesterday. I had an absolute blast spending time with Leo in my favorite city + touring such an amazing law school (New York Law). We went to Soho, Chelsea, Little Italy, China Town, Tribeca, Wall Street, Times Square + of course, hit up Sprinkles Cupcake ATM.

By the end of our trip, while we were stuck in the airport with a flight that was delayed SIX times… I had a lot of time to sit + think about not only where I most see myself attending law school, but also, which law school I believe will best prepare me for my future as an attorney.

It was between Case Western Reserve University School of Law and New York Law School.

My decision was so tough. Obviously, if you know anything about me at all, then you know I love NYC. No, I am obsessed with NYC. It is my favorite place. I’ve been planning to move to NYC ever since I was little. That being said, though, law school is a huge investment – both in time + money – so I wanted to make sure I was making a smart decision based on the choice that is going to best ensure my future success, + not solely on the fact that I am extremely impatient + want to move to NYC…right now. You always hear people say, “follow your heart,” + if that were the case, I’d be going to New York Law 100%… but I’ve always been the type of girl to follow my head, not my heart.

While I was in-love with New York Law, its campus + of course, its fashion law program… Case is the better school (rank-wise) + I also really love Case’s duel degree J.D./LLM program that sends its students to study abroad for an entire year at no additional cost to their tuition (Hellllllllo London or Paris!) to get both degrees without adding additional time on top of the 3 years a Juris Doctor takes. Even more importantly, Case has great bar passage rates (for both Ohio + NY) + has really impressive employment stats. The opportunities at Case were just too amazing to pass up, + honestly, Case just “felt right.”

So – I’m happy to say I’ll be attending CWRU this fall!

While I am super excited to go to Case, it is a bit bittersweet because obviously, I want to live in NYC right now – but this way, I can graduate from Case, pass the New York + Ohio bar exams + move to NYC once I am officially a lawyer + can afford a nice NYC apartment, rather than a small closet to live in there, haha.

I’ve worked so hard for this + to attend law school at all, let alone with scholarship, is simply amazing. I’ve never felt more blessed.

Now, Leo + I are super busy. Leo graduates with his Bachelor’s in a few weeks + we’ve decided we’re going to sell our house + move to an apartment in Cleveland. We have so much to do before I start law school in a few months. Wish us luck!

What exciting things are happening in your life currently? Leave it in the comments! xo



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