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The One Thing I Wish I’d Known About Law School Admissions

Do you ever go through a certain experience + think back…. Why didn’t anyone tell me this BEFORE right now – the moment I am needing to know it?! Well that is exactly how I felt about the law school admissions process as I was going through it.

My whole life I’ve known I wanted to be a lawyer. That being said, I spent all 4 years of undergrad juggling a full-time job with a full-time class schedule … accepting nothing less than an A- as even slightly acceptable.

I graduated with honors + close to 4.0 GPA. To my naïve delight, however, I thought my hard work was about to finally pay off. Law schools would surely be lining up to accept me into their schools, right? …. Wow – was I wrong. Why? The LSAT.

I’ve never been an extraordinary standardized test taker. My first attempt at the LSAT was in February 2017. I did not receive the score I wanted + I was completely devastated. I remember looking up the likelihood of acceptance into different schools based on my GPA and LSAT score. I was stunned to find out that applicant’s with extremely low GPA’s (even low 2.0’s) had way better chances of getting into certain law schools than I did (assuming they had great LSAT scores).

I had no idea LSAT scores were weighed so heavily in law school admission decisions

I couldn’t understand why 4 years of extremely hard work + a high GPA to prove it did not mean as much as one test. I distinctly remember thinking… I really wish I’d known my LSAT score would be more important to colleges than my grades…. I would have spent more time studying for the LSAT during undergrad + less time worrying so much about maintaining a super high GPA.

Now – if you know anything about me, you know that would never happen anyways because my perfectionist nature just wouldn’t be okay with allowing my grades to slip. But still! I definitely would have started studying for the LSAT a lot sooner.

So – this is for my fellow “lawyer-to-be” readers….


Grades are important, but despite what law schools may say…. LSAT score is more important. So plan your path to law school during undergrad accordingly.

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Linked below are the LSAT prep materials that helped me earn nearly a 20 point increase from my diagnostic exam. Out of them all, I most recommend The LSAT Trainer by Mike Kim.



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