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How to Make LSAT Studying LESS Painful!

My experience so far preparing for law school can be summed up in one quote, if it were easy, everyone would do it.”  And while this is very true, it doesn’t make the long hours of LSAT prep studying any easier.

After trying three different LSAT prep courses, and experimenting with creating my own LSAT study schedules, I’ve come up with some key ways to make studying for the LSAT not suck!

Get Organized. There is no way you’re going to be able to crush the LSAT if you’re not organized. The LSAT is a tricky test perfectly structured to confuse you. You have to be organized in order to recognize the patterns within the LSAT, and tackle them with speed and accuracy. Getting organized includes setting up a study schedule (and sticking to it)! What days and times are you going to block out for studying? Where are you going to do your studying? How many hours per week will you study? How far in advance are you going to start studying before test day? These are the types of questions you need to answer before taking LSAT prep head on.

Study Smarter, Not Harder. Spending countless hours going page by page in a PowerScore or Kaplan book is not going to get you the score you want. The best way to approach this test is to start with a diagnostic, full-length prep test under timed conditions, record your base score and go question by question analyzing the questions you scored both correct and incorrect. The best tool I’ve come to find for understanding WHY a wrong answer is wrong has been LSAT Hacks. It is an amazing site run by Canadian “LSAT Hacker” Graeme Blake, who scored a 177 on the LSAT! Talk about #LSATGoals, am I right? Graeme is super friendly and responsive to questions. You can also follow him on Instagram here.

Consistency is KEY. Make it a habit to take full length, timed LSAT prep tests at least once per week. Then, go through the same process of identifying correct and incorrect answers, and understanding why the correct answer is what it is.  If you hit the books regularly and do this, I assure you you’ll start seeing progress along the way. Progress = higher score. Higher score = the LSAT doesn’t suck!

Switch Up Your Study Environment. One thing I’ve really come to enjoy is studying while working out. I can only sit with my neck bent down staring at prep tests for so long before I think I might die. So, I take my iPad to the gym, hop on the stair master, and watch LSAT prep videos as I workout. Currently, I am enrolled in the LSAT Max Premium Prep Course, so I watch their videos, but there are also a lot of free LSAT prep videos on Youtube too! Studying at the beach, or at your favorite coffee shop are other alternatives to the traditional library study space.

So, there you have it…four tips to actually make LSAT studying NOT suck. Happy studying!



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