Trends: Leaving In 2017 + Loving In 2018

I know I can’t be the only one who buys something, absolutely loves it for a while, possibly becomes downright obsessed with it, buys it in every style, shade, color + texture … only to wake up one day and hate everything about it.

Yepp. That’s me with a few trends I used to love in 2017. But after further consideration, I’ve decided what they really need to do… is just stay there.

What’s Staying in 2017:

01. Three words: Peep-toe boots/booties. Or, four words if you’re including both the words “boots” and “booties” haha! I have absolutely no idea why, but every time I look at them anymore I cringe. Which is really odd because I have a pair of over-the-knee peep toe booties in my closet currently that I used the LOVE. It’s just like, what are you? are you a bootie? are you a sandal? why are my toes showing in boots? I don’t know what they are, but I am not feeling them anymore. Are they weird, or is it just me? At any rate, these booties gotta go!

02. Another goner, cold-shoulder tops. I don’t despise them as much as I do the peep-toe booties… but still, they just annoy me anymore. Maybe they’re too over worn + I am just sick of seeing them. Maybe I just want my entire arm showing or none of it at all. Again, no rhyme or reason why I’m turning a raised eyebrow to them (+ not in a good way) other than they just need to remain in 2017.

03. Next, lace up tops. I have a few of them hanging in my closet right now. T-shirts mostly, + I am just sick of them. They were cute for a minute, but now I want them gone.

04. Finally: chokers. I was late to hop on the choker trend regardless 01. Because I don’t like things tight on my neck (I even cut my hoodies!) but 02. Because I just didn’t love how they looked. Don’t get my wrong, there were some outfits I liked them with last year, but now I am really loving long layered necklaces like this.

What I’m Loving So Far in 2018:

01. Chic Sneakers. I love love love love love wearing sneakers to dress down an outfit. Or not even dress is down, because a lot of my sneakers are super cute and well, chic. Also, I cannot get enough of a high platform shoe, especially with sneakers.

These are some I absolutely adore:

02. Sleek Watches. I never used to really love watches. But lately, I’ve been obsessed with a simple sleek watch like this one I have from Danielle Wellington. By the way, you can use my code “CHELSANDZOE” for 15% off at their shop! Perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Some Favs:


03. Oversized Blazers. I love oversized blazers with a thin belt wrapped around the small of your waist – so cute! Or with a cute graphic tee underneath + a pair of the platform sneakers I just mentioned. That’s my go-to casual outfit – I just love it!

Here are some I really like:

04. Small Crossbody Bags. Remember when large bags were so “in”? Everybody wanted to have a huge giant bag that literally was so messy inside because you could fit your entire life in it. Lately, shying away from the large bags + opting for small crossbody bags because they’re so cute + look amazing with every outfit. Totally a 2018 staple.

Here Are Some of My Favs:


What do you think? Should we leave these trends in 2017? What are you leaving in 2017 + loving in 2018? Leave it in the comments below!





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