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Taking a Gap Year Post Undergrad + Staying Productive

Right now, it is 6 PM + I am sitting at a coffee shop in downtown Cleveland, waiting for Leo to get out of class. I’m in the corner booth, with my laptop propped up (black tea in hand), listening to the students beside me talk about how much they “hate school and can’t wait to graduate.”

… And all I want to tell them is to watch what they wish for. Call me crazy, but during this gap year, I cannot even begin to explain how much I miss school. If I didn’t have the fact that I’m enrolling in law school next fall comforting me, I don’t even know what I would do with myself!

Taking a gap year post undergrad

I love the structure and discipline that college provides, + I just think it is really important to always expand your knowledge. As much as I wanted to rip my hair out during assignments, group projects and papers that kept me up all night, now, I legitimately miss it. So much.

I always thought I would go to law school right after graduating – but after not getting the LSAT score I was working towards (+ what irritates me even more is that I was achieving the score I wanted during timed practice – but whateva!), I’ve decided to restudy and take the exam a second in February.

So, here I am. A Magna Cum Laude graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree – desperately wanting to just go. to. school. I’ve never been a great timed test taker, and I am Type-A to the max (always wanting to check (+ double check) my work) so the LSAT is hell for me. What is mind boggling to me though, is that universities actually weigh more heavily on ONE test than 4 long years of hard work… but that rant is for another post.

Taking a gap year post undergrad

After being so used to attending college year round (including summers), to just stop, regardless if I know I will be going to law school soon enough…I feel super lost.

Ask Leo (or my boss for that matter – lol), I cried leading up to graduation, and wasn’t even excited to walk the stage with my newly earned degree because I wished I would be enrolling in law school right away. I am such a freak, I know.

Leo is just a semester behind me, so he is finishing up undergrad right now. He thinks I am absolutely insane for being so obsessed with classes. His typical response when I am upset is “you can go to class for me.”

“…It’s not the same,” I always dramatically reply.

Okay – I am done whining now. You get the point; I MISS SCHOOL! So, if you’re in school – quit complaining how you hate it!!!

Anyways, here are my tips for staying productive when you’re taking a gap year between undergrad and graduate school:

01. Get healthy + fit

Right after graduation, I made it a point to get up every morning at 4:30 AM to get to the gym for my 5:00 AM workout! I am actually soo proud of myself because working out in the morning has always been something I’ve struggled with. However, I decided this is the perfect time to train my body and mind to do it, and I am so happy because it has made me more disciplined in other areas of my life, too!

02. Start a new goal

As seen in this post, I recently restarted blogging after taking a little break. Being out of school, the timing has been perfect for me to reprioritize my goals, and create a schedule that includes studying, working, blogging, working out + all the other things that I enjoy.

03. Study for graduate school – duh!

Ok, this one is obvious. If you’re planning to take time off between undergrad and graduate school, and you’re like me + taking an admissions test – studying is essential. It is so easy to get caught up in day-to-day life, and forget that you actually have to buckle down and study if you want to get into grad school. Not sure how to manage your time? Check out my time management tips, here.

04. Connect with people pursuing the same goals

For me, this included connecting and following other “lawyer-to-be’s” on social media, or following their blogs. I’ve met some really cool law student/lawyer bloggers, + their posts keep me motivated and help me to remind myself, “ok, I can do this!” I’ve also been looking for an LSAT study group in the Cleveland area – but have yet to have any luck with that. Nonetheless, it was a good idea ha!

Are you taking a gap year post undergrad? What are you doing to stay productive? Comment below, or chat with me on Twitter!

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